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Campral Treatment for Alcohol Dependency - Patient Information

Treatment for alcohol dependence may include inpatient and outpatient therapy and may include medication.

Campral is a medication that helps people stay alcohol-free in combination with counseling or support groups once they have stopped drinking. Campral is thought to restore the normal brain balance, which has been disturbed in someone who is alcohol dependent.

Campral (acamprosate calcium) Delayed-Release Tablets were approved by the FDA on July 29, 2004.

Campral is different from the medications prescribed to help people stop drinking. Those medications either make people very ill if they drink even small amounts of alcohol or block the “high” associated with drinking alcohol.

Campral helps reduce the physical distress and emotional discomfort (e.g. sweating, anxiety, sleep disturbances) associated with staying alcohol-free. This, in combination with counseling and support groups, makes it easier for people not to drink.

Dr. Rudominer has successfully treated some alcohol dependent patients with Campral. This medication is not right for everyone. Call Dr Rudominer at 973.716.9500 for a confidential psychiatric evaluation to find out if this medication should be included as part of your treatment plan.

To learn more about Campral visit their website.

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